Greet from Aryn ♥

Hi! I'm Aryn. 

I'm from Medan, one of the cities in Indonesia. 'pour de Brielle' means for Brielle (which is the name I gave for this blog). Why Brielle? It is an old story. I met this person when I went for a vacation, just 3 weeks but this person  became one of my best friend, one of the people I have never forgotten. Then when the time I had to leaved, this person send me a beautiful song called 'Brielle' by Sky Sailing. Every time I listen to this song, all I think is my best friend. That is why when I was struggling about this blog's name, I remembered him, the one I could share my feeling with, the one I tell my experiences with and the one I will looking for when I need it, just like this blog, my best friend.

I joined AFS program year 2011-2012 in the USA which was a decision I never thought will change my whole entire life. Being an exchange student in Seaford High School, Delaware is the best experience I have ever had in my life. Living life as an American; having American family, go to American school, learn new culture and make new friends not just from America but all over the world are just some of many things you will experience as an exchange student. 

This blog is created to be my online journal, all my activities and experiences will be written in here. Feel free to leave comments and send me a feedback about my blog. You also welcome to ask about AFS program or any other things you want to know. Just contact me here.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog,

Aryn ♥