Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just a Reminder

Dear Brielle,

I open my inbox on Facebook, and my dad was on the top of any other messages I got. It said "Just as a reminder". So I opened the message and I found these pictures.

Saya termasuk orang yang tertutup. Saya nggak bisa dengan gampang mengutarakan apa yang ada di dalam hati saya. Saya ingat di surat rekomendasi buat AFS yang ditulis sahabat saya Didi, ada satu kalimat yang menurut saya benar-benar mampu mendeskripsikan seorang 'Arin', 

"... it was easy to be friend with her, but no matter how close your relationship with her, it still hard to know everything about her."

I love my self too much, so I don't want people know too much about me, because I know that they won't like everything about my self, and again, I love everything about my self no matter the good or the bad part, and I don't want to change it, I don't want them to change it. I rather they know about something they want to know about me, but NOT all about me. Selfish? Yes I am. 

The other thing is that I am an idealist person. I think in different way, sometimes people cannot understand it and it's okay, they don't have to. I never really share what's in my mind (especially all my dreams) to other people, because I don't like if somebody just don't understand it and put me down by saying, "That's impossible," or "You have to much imagination," or "You are too young to understand life, we know better, we have experienced most of it," or any other words that can easily destroy my dreams. I have experienced it a lot, then I started telling my self just STOP tell them what's in your mind, because not everybody can understand, just believe that it's right for you, do it, and then, when you finally can make it come true, tell them. It's easier to make people understand what you have done than what your dream are. Not everybody can understand what's in your mind because not everybody have a dream and fight for it to make it come true.

One day, I was in a conversation with my friend Panda, when I realize that finally I found somebody that have the same thing in common with me: we are both different from other people. Why? Because we have a dream or, a lot of crazy dreams, and we believe that one day, no matter what, we are going to make it come true. That day we made a future plans that inspired me to re-decorate my room's door. 

I re-write my future plans so it looks more interesting. Waktu itu saya baru aja mengikuti seleksi AFS, jadi saya bikin plan B just in case saya nggak lulus seleksinya. Saya juga membuat atau tepatnya mengutip kata-kata yang menjadi inspirasi dan motivasi buat saya untuk meraih mimpi saya karena jujur, saya nggak punya orang yang memberi saya motivasi seperti itu karena again, they don't understand. So I motivated my self. And the last one, I made a diagram about a word, success. When I made it, I did not really understand what the meaning of that word. But now, I know something about it that I never thought before. I think a successful person is a person that keep fighting to live their dream, no matter what happen, they never give up. Why? Because a dream that you have built in your heart is something that worth to fighting for.

                                                                 ♥ ♥ 

My live so far feels so ordinary. Just like the other senior who busy with all crazy things like assignment, sport and yeah, final exams. Sport season just ended, so basically, what I am doing right now is trying to get a good grade on my last report card by doing all the assignments and final exams.

But my life is not that boring, some crazy stuffs happened lately. First I want to talk about the New York City trip with my AFS group. Yeah, New York City. It still like a dream that I can finally go to that amazing city. The night before, I got a fashion advice from my sister in Indonesia via skype. The next day we leaved really early and got to Liberty Park in New Jersey around 11. We took a metro to go to the down town, after that we have a chance to see some famous and cool place like ground zero, empire state building and of course the fifth avenue. It was funny that I just realized the paparazies are really exist. They were everywhere in New York City, especially around the fifth avenue where the famous people or just some people with good sense of fashion go shopping. And my favorite part was the Central Park. It is a beautiful park, so relaxing and breath taking at the same time. After had dinner for a while, we headed back to Seaford.

Me and my Italian friend, Michael @ Time Square

Connor and I @ the Central Park

Crowded and busy as always @ the fifth avenue
The following weekend, I have my senior prom. Walaupun ga sesuai dengan rencana yang udah dibuat sejak awal-awal bulan saya disini, saya dan teman AFS saya udah janjian bakal dateng ke prom masing- masing as a date, but just a week before the prom we figured out that our proms are on the exact same day (saya dan dia berbeda sekolah). Jadilah saya pergi ke acara yang bisa dibilang terbesar buat para senior sendirian karena cowok-cowok kece di sekolah udah pada owned by the other girls. Lagian saya trauma sama 'American dance' yang saya liat pas homecoming, jadi emang dari awal saya ga niat ngajakin bule amerika ke prom as a date. And thanks God for savings me. Bener aja di hari H yang saya lihat malah lebih parah dari home coming. Basically prom dimulai dengan acara grand march, dilanjutkan dengan dinner and then the real prom where everybody dance like crazy. But it wasn't that bad for me, because my friends chose to left their date and rather danced in our small group. Yang bikin saya keki cuma pas mereka lagi pada slow dance dan saya sendiri yang ga punya pasangan. Tapi disaat lagu I'll be, yang merupakan lagu favorite saya dimainkan, Michael yang merupakan date nya Chuam, nyamperin saya yang keki duduk sendirian di beranda buat nyari angin, dan ngajakin saya dance. At least I did the slow dance once, right? And the most memorable thing was when the DJ surprisingly played the song from One Direction - What make you beautifut, as the closing song. Cewek-cewek, especially my friends pada histeris, dan kami pada dance gila-gilaan. Di akhir lagu kami semua pada pelukan dan saat itu saya satar that I'm going to miss them so much:(

That night was unforgettable because of them:)

The secret of beauty (or safe your feet from pain) = SOCKS!
The next following weeks I did a presentation at Connor and Aubrey's school. I did some of the materials for my next project in Indonesia. And then I had a party at my friend from Switzerland, Deborah's house. I was a really good time, especially when we we're playing like crazy on the bounce slider. I had another party in my house the next day, it was for my American's brother first communion. Just couple days ago my and my AFS group went to the down town Dover to see some of the historical place.

They sent me this nice card after my presentation at Aubrey's school:)

We're ready to open up the pool!

Our gift for mom on mother's day:)

So, that was basically going on the past few weeks. The school year is almost over, we have less than one more week in Seaford High School. It just crazy how time is running so fast. Next week I'm going to have my graduation party and on June the first I'm going to have my graduation ceremony. We can start to counting down until the day I have to go back to my country, to my life. I feel both excited and sad about it, I know I'm going to miss everything here but in other side, I can't wait to go back to my old life, with new adventure and start to live my new dream:)